“Increased my joy”

“Wendy’s gentle guidance and nurturing leadership helped me on a journey of self-discovery that impacted my work, personal life and increased my joy. I am so grateful for our time together.”

Elizabeth Kiker
House of Ruth D.C.

“Challenge and growth”

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“Wendy’s approach to mentor coaching was fantastic. Focused like a laser and open like a sunny field. I experienced challenge and growth while being given considerable space for reflection and processing. I am a better coach for having been mentored by Wendy and would recommend her to anyone seeking a fierce advocate for improvement, expert guidance, and a warm approach.”

Travis Wilson, M.S.Ed, CPCC, ACC
Wilson Career Coaching

“Renewed creativity”

“I recently had a client ask me, “do you really think a person can change?”, and without hesitation I said, “YES.” Coaching with Wendy has helped me navigate and experience the change I desired. The work we did in identifying my saboteurs was profound. Who knew that “over-achiever” could be a bad friend? By exploring that relationship, I was able to recognize, feel and acknowledge the role it has played in my life and the limitations it created. I also discovered how it robbed me of being fully alive and available in the present, and at times, paralyzed and unable to move forward.

The gift of stepping into presence is hard for me to describe, but the good news is the feeling is hard to forget. I summon it daily and choose to be fully present in this moment. I live in awareness of the availability of endless possibilities and my power of choice. What a great place to be!

In the last three months, I have started a new business, expanded my client base and let go of practices and beliefs that have stood in my way. Oh, I still have a tiger in my tank, but there is peace, contentment and a renewed creativity that’s fueling my journey.

I am deeply grateful to Wendy and ever thankful for her gift and mastery of coaching.”

Charlene Burkett
Healthcare Consultant & Coach
Generations Consulting, LLC

“Empowered in my business”

“I was going through a transition from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur. I really needed help to identify some fears holding me back from taking that first step. Wendy was really good because she just listened, was patient and nurtured me through the process. She helped me with ideas, was very positive, not rigid, and motivated me. Towards the end of our coaching time together I rallied through a crashing period to put together an event for my business. Because of Wendy’s coaching, I ended our time on an upswing. Before I started coaching with Wendy I was stuck in old ideas about myself that kept me from moving forward as an entrepreneur. After coaching with Wendy I was able to focus on my strengths and felt more empowered in my business.”

Jennifer Knudsen
Independent Stylist
Stella & Dot

“Great coach and colleague”

“Wendy has been a great coach and colleague to me. Her innovative, fun style of coaching unlocked ideas and thoughts that we very helpful to me in working on various projects. She was also able to get me unstuck when a particular issue was hindering my progress. She has a wonderful, caring, funny style. Wendy is great!”

Marquita Chamblee
Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education at George Mason University

“I whole heartedly recommend Wendy”


“I have had the privilege of witnessing Wendy coach on several occasions. I believe that she fully demonstrates the competencies of the ICF and more. I whole heartedly recommend Wendy as a Professional Coach.”

Yossi Eilot, MCC, CPCC, MCIL
Master Certified Coach

 “Wendy knows every aspect of her work”

“As a coach Wendy is highly perceptive, able to hear what is being said, and notice what is not being said. She is a very generous individual, and it shows in every aspect of her work. Wendy is an absolute pleasure to work with. Anyone considering hiring Wendy as a coach or as an expert would be very clever to do so. I am just one in a long line of colleagues who have benefitted from her coaching skill and been touched by her character. In my opinion you could ask for no one better to have your best interests and deepest values at heart”

Petalyn Swart-Albery, CPCC
Professional Training & Coaching
Heart-Fueled Giants