As an International Coach Federation (ICF) member and credential holder, all services are provided in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics.


  • 1:1 Coaching: Collaborative process designed to help you tap into core strengths and values. Learn how to use these to grow your awareness and creativity as a leader and use them as a source of renewal. Leverage your strengths and conversations more effectively to identify and accomplish your goals. Includes practical fieldwork, coaching and accountability to deepen your learning and practical steps for taking action.
  • Team Coaching: Coaching for partnerships, relationships or teams from 2 or more people who want to create an intentional alliance and higher energy and performance based on corporate mission and personal strengths/values. Outcomes are to increase trust, engagement, and to provide clarity and alignment on purpose. Great for new partnerships or teams and also can be used to re-align or add new members to an ongoing team. Click here to listen to a radio interview sharing concept and stories of the power of Designed Partnership Alliances.
  • Organizational Performance Coaching: Coaching executives / organizational leaders who want to optimize their leadership impact with their teams, peers, stakeholders, and superiors.
  • Leadership / Organizational Development: Experiential training to create a resilient and healthy organizational culture and environment for adapting and transitioning to organizational change and growth. A Strengths-based approach draws out the strengths of each participant and allows time to practice and debrief the skills learned during each session. Topics may include: Coach-approach communication for crucial conversations, three listening skills to create culture shift, utilization of positive politics to promote change and conflict as a pathway to productivity. Training agenda can be customized. For larger organizational needs Wendy can also leverage the skills and expertise of trusted colleagues from The Leadership Collaborative. Click here for more details.

Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance

Do you know and utilize your top strengths with insight and purpose? Are you able to choose, with clarity, the best strategy to meet the opportunity or challenge at hand? Do you have the a clear understanding and know-how to collaborate with others in interdependence? Are your team and company equipped to answer these questions with a confident “Yes!”? Are your family, community, and other important relationships based on a solid foundation of acceptance and trust? Utilizing Gallup’s extensive research of the impact of a strengths-based approach, Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance is a suite of strengths-based, experiential solutions built to provide individuals, teams, partnerships (family / business), communities and organizations with the foundational tools and coaching needed for high energy and performance. This strengths platform is based on Gallup’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment.

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coaching & C-IQ TRUST Catalyst Tool

“To get to the next level of greatness, depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations.  Everything happens through conversations!”  ~Judith E. Glaser

Conversational Intelligence® coaching will open up a new lens for understanding and redefining what conversations are, why neuroscience plays such a significant role, and how you as a leader can leverage these powerful methodologies with your associates, team and partnerships. Extending the impact of Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence® coaching delves deeper into the role of emotions in strengthening our relationships with others. Understanding and utilizing the neuroscience of conversations will enable you to achieve profound transformational results and revolutionize the way we interact as human beings. Conversational Intelligence® coaching can be integrated into any coaching engagement for individuals, teams and across organizations. Click here for more details and click here for a brochure on the C-IQ TRUST Catalyst Tool Assessment.

Team Coaching & Team Diagnostic™ Assessment (Case Study)

If the leadership team is strong, the staff will follow their lead. Taken as an online assessment, the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment (TDA) provides a way for leaders and managers to assess themselves as a team, identify their strengths, challenges and diversity, how they make decisions and to align on goals and strategies. The assessment provides a benchmark of where team members are currently and reveals opportunities for development. Results can be used as a resource for team development and high-stakes conversations using follow-up team coaching. The follow-up Team Diagnostic™ Assessment is included and helpful for comparing the initial assessment and input for on-going team development. Click here for case study.

Mentor Coaching for Coaches

  • ICF Mentor Coaching: Mentor coaching that fulfills the 10-hour requirement for coaches who want to apply for or maintain the ACC or PCC credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Coaching sessions focus on supporting coaches in using and implementing the ICF 11 Core Competencies more effectively and masterfully. Includes listening to live or recorded coaching sessions and providing feedback based on the ICF 11 Core Competencies. Provided 1:1 and in small groups of fellow coaches. Click here for more details.
  • CTI Certification Mentor Coaching: Mentor coaching provided for co-active coaches in certification training with Coaches Training Institute (CTI). As a CTI certified coach,  Wendy can provide real life examples and support as coaches go through their certification practicuum.
  • Inside Team Mentor Coaching: Mentor coaching provided for coaches trained in the Inside Team coaching model ( As an alumni of the program and mentor coach within the program, Wendy will listen to live or recorded coaching sessions and provide feedback to the coach using the “Inside Team” 7 Practices. Individual coaching and facilitated practice coaching sessions for 2 or more Inside Team coaches offered.

Core Competency Coach Training Program

The Core Competency Coach Training program is an intensive, competency-based training that focuses on developing foundational capacity in the eleven core competencies of coaching as defined by the International Coach Federation. Click here for more details.

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