Do you remember…

Take a moment and reflect on a time when you felt the most alive, full of joy, loved, or inspired. What were you doing? Where were you? Who was with you?

These are the times we think about fondly and may share as memorable stories with family, friends and colleagues.

Did you know that these stories are clues you can follow to not only tap into your most core values and purpose, but can be used as a source of renewal in your most stressful times at work and in life?

According to current research on stress in the workplace, on an average weekday leaders may experience up to 8-10 times of stress having to do with leadership responsibilities, commitments we’ve made, outcomes we’ve committed to that may not be completely under our control, and expectations that others have of us. Stress is not only related to these factors, but can be induced by even just thinking about them.

Although stress in itself is a natural part of creative tension – the stress that shows up when we navigate the gap between where we are now and our goals or desired future – when it is not balanced with renewal in daily doses, stress becomes the norm and will eventually lead to a reduced capacity for creative thinking and, over time, can even lead to burnout.

So how can we follow the clues found in our fondest memories to help reduce leadership-induced stress in the workplace and enhance our creative thinking and energy?

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My deepest joy comes from utilizing my strengths and training so that others can experience renewal and fresh energy as they engage in their life’s work both personally and professionally.

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